Charter Day Service 2021

Our normal colourful procession from Bedern Hall to All Saints, Pavement to celebrate our Charter was, of course, cancelled this year.

However, we were pleased that we were allowed five Court members in the church and were also able to invite the Lord Mayor.

The Master’s recent hip surgery meant that she couldn’t join us and the plan for her to read the lesson from home was failed by technology.  Master Elect Geoffrey Berry read instead.

We were all pleased to meet the new Priest in Charge, Liz Hassell, and to welcome the Lord Mayor, Cllr Janet Looker.  For her this was the first, and last, time that she had attended All Saints this year.

Inside there were masks, social distancing and only a cantor to sing the hymns and the responses, but we were pleased that we were able to attend, even in such a limited way.